Apr 8, 2015

oh hai :)

It's been 13 days since I got married. The Hubs and I are settling in our new(ish) apartment, the same one he stayed in while he was still a seminary student.

The weeks leading up to the wedding have been hectic: Carlo's grad, traveling, final preparations for the big day, and the wedding itself. But HALLELUJAH JESUS everything went smoothly. I've been  away from the computer for a while now but allow me to share some snapshots from the past 2-3 weeks.

At Eastwood with my friend Jessie. She flew all the way from Illinois and traveled with me before the wedding! What a friend :) Photo by Jessie Drachenberg

Rehearsal dinner. Photo by Karla Victa

Carlo's seminary graduation! Photo by Anattiphong Phanon

Sponsors praying for us. Photo by Cina Silva

Prep :) Photo by Karla Victa

Siblingz! Photo by Karla Victa

With one of my best friends, Vance, who got married 3 days after I did! Photo by Jay Lim 

Hey that's me! :D Photo by Angie Tud
The kiss! Photo by Tony Velasquez

With one of our principal sponsors, Kuya Rodel! Will miss working with him. by Ptr. Rodel Lacson
Photo by Cina Silva

Photo by Cina Silva

With my crazy friends. Photo by Cina Silva
Carlo & Patricia VICTA :) Photo by Dr. Galen Hertweck
We're just so grateful to the Lord for providing all our needs (and then some) for the wedding. Our hearts are full.

This blog may not be seeing a lot of action over the next few weeks as we get settled in our apartment, prepare for my studies, a "late" honeymoon and other things. But Carlo and I have something brewing so we'd love it if you stay tuned :)

On to the next adventure!!!

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