Feb 11, 2015

Grace Upon Grace | February

Today I'm joining Jordyn and Leah for Grace Upon Grace, a monthly linkup that encourages bloggers  to intentionally recognize God's grace in their lives, as well as foster community.

God's been crazy good and here are a few things attesting to that:

+ Cambodia trip is happening on Sunday! I was not expecting another out of the country travel as I'm resigning from work soon, but I have one more scheduled for next week. The project I'm working on is different from what I've previously done so I look forward to being stretched and learning lots from our Khmer brothers and sisters.

+ This is related to the first point. Media reports about the crashes in Asia last year gave me the creeps and made me anxious about flying, even when I've flown to Thailand a few times already. 2014 was not the best year for aviation. But I've had enough time to think and pray and I was reminded of this:

My life is in the Lord's hands. 
In life and in death, it is my aim to please him.

This fear of flying has led me to prayer and Scripture memory (which should always be the first resort when experiencing anxieties! DO NOT watch episodes of Air Crash Investigation and worry yourself to death). I thank God for his promises found in Scripture and the peace that the Holy Spirit gives. Moments like these will make you question if it's worth it, but as He reminded me about eternity and our hope in Jesus, obeying is more exciting than ever. (This experience deserves its own blog post so I will write about the trip when I get back!)

+ Wedding planning is coming along smoothly. We are just over 40 days from the wedding and we're almost ready to finalize our guest list. We knocked out major tasks last December, which was a huge relief. It's a little tricky planning a wedding when you're long distance but God in his perfect wisdom is helping us plan well.

+ We finally got our engagement pictures! We had these taken a few months ago (October, I think?) but life happened and there were some delays. But we have them on file and we'll be sharing one photo every week on Facebook until the wedding day. We're grateful to our friends over at Baguio City for making the shoot happen.

There are many other things to thank God for. Today—the breath in my lungs, the strength to work, love from others, and peace with my Father. All beautiful, all a gift, all by grace.

How has God moved in your life this week?

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