Jan 29, 2015

The Coffice

Photo from Third Cup's Facebook page
Yesterday I decided to have lunch and spend a couple hours at Third Cup Cafe, a local coffee shop near our office. Third Cup was my "coffice" from noon until after 2pm. If I didn't need to print out something, I would have stayed the whole afternoon and drank till, well, my third cup.

Was it necessary for me to move? Not really. I The coffee shop didn't have office supplies at my disposal. What I did get out of it was a brief but delightful walk and a change of scenery, which were both helpful in clearing my mind. My little coffee shop trip reminded me of this one study that suggests walking boosts creativity. Seemed to work for me.

My favorite Apple Brie Sandwich! Photo from Third Cup's Facebook page // (c) Anjo Silvoza.

In hindsight, I was also looking and willing to pay for a different experience. I was surrounded by a few strangers—mostly students who were going about their own business. I picked up stories about mean professors, mean girls, and mean days while I read through the WHO website. There was giggling and keyboard clacking. An indie song would be playing then notes from the coffee grinder would try to harmonize (and fail). The people and the music provided just the right amount of background noise for me to concentrate. The sweet and salty blend of the toffee nut latte wasn't too shabby either. My senses were engaged with the environment while I was still focused on the work.

My time at the coffice was refreshing and I returned to my cubicle feeling determined to finish the work day strong. I can't afford to do this everyday but I want to keep honoring my mind's ability to get distracted and then re-focus. Take a walk, get a caffeine boost, and kick butt at work. Breaking the routine will do the mind some good.

Do you have a favorite "coffice"?

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