Jan 8, 2015

January Reads

Reading goals for the month:



Generous Justice - finished January 7th. Read this first before or after Eugene Cho's Overrated for a good theological and practical introduction to biblical justice.

Freedom of Simplicity - started January 8th. Interestingly, Foster brings up the meanings of the Hebrew words mishpat (justice) and hesed (lovingkindness, mercy, compassion) which were touched on by Tim Keller in Generous Justice—although Keller discussed tzadeqah (being righteous) and not really hesed. I was not expecting Foster's book on simplicity to start with a definition of justice, righteous living, and being in right relationships as demonstrated in the Old Testament. I thought it was fascinating that I'm learning these definitions consecutively from two different books.

A Scanner Darkly - started sometime in December. I also downloaded the movie version directed by Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Before trilogy), which is unintentionally motivating me to finish the book faster. It'll be nice to see my childhood crush, Keanu Reeves, and his rotoscoped self.

Christian History Made Easy - picked up from Kimchi Taco's book shelf and started January 8th. All that I know of Church history starts with Scripture, Catholicism in the Philippines, and then the Reformation. This challenged me to read a good intro that starts at AD 64 onwards and I think this book has me covered.

Along with the books listed above, I'm also going through St. Augustine's De Doctrina Christiana with a Facebook group that I discovered through First Things. According to the reading calendar, we should finish sometime in March; right now we are going through the Preface. I don't really participate in the discussions but I enjoy reading insights from those who are more well-versed in patristics and Augustine's writings in general. With the wedding coming up, I hope to still be consistent and finish with everyone in the group.

I'm intent on reading all of these this month and hopefully go over my one book per week goal. Let's do this!!

A note to parents: I hope you teach your young kids to read. Be patient with them and they'll carry a love for books till adulthood :)

What are you reading now? Any reading goals for the year?

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