Dec 4, 2014

Reviewed: J.D. Greear's "Jesus, Continued"

I received a copy of this book a couple months ago, a few days before it was available on Amazon. The other day I saw a hard copy at Fully Booked and I felt cool for knowing I already read it before it hit shelves. That said, it's about time I post a review.

I'll start with the negative because this is the only real "issue" I have with the book (and Pastor J.D.'s writing in general). As with his other book Gospel, I wasn't a huge fan of some of the anecdotes. Most of them were funny and I could tell that Pastor J.D. is a funny guy, and the lines were not necessarily inappropriate. It just seemed a little contrived for me in some places, especially when the surrounding paragraphs are in a more serious tone. Perhaps it was an attempt to break the serious spells but I think that some of the witticism could be done away with.

But the good stuff outweigh the "bad." Jesus, Continued is extensive but definitely not exhaustive. The book makes no claims that it can cover everything anyway. It is a good primer to the Holy Spirit as he has revealed himself in Scripture and how, without the Holy Spirit, we cannot understand and apply Scripture—this was how J.D. Greear opened the first of three parts of the book.

The Word is eternal and unchanging. The Spirit’s direction is temporary and varied.
The Word gives us promises. The Spirit compels us to risk in certain situations.
The Word outlines the mission. The Spirit inspires a vision.
The Word sets the standards. The Spirit guides the operations.
The Word shows us the end game. The Spirit points to a starting place.
The Word sets our expectations. The Spirit inspires our dream.
The Word describes the character of God. The Spirit pulls us into his emotions.
The Word recounts God’s acts of salvation. The Spirit sheds abroad his love in our hearts.
The Word gives us the revelation. The Spirit illumines the explanation.
The Word provides the content. The Spirit brings the conviction.
The Word helps us to know. The Spirit enables us to learn.
The Word commands us to hear. The Spirit empowers us to listen.
The Word commands us to obey. The Spirit beckons us to follow.”

Excerpt From: J. D. Greear. “Jesus, Continued. . .: Why the Spirit Inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You.” iBooks.

I believe that the excerpt quoted above captures how Pastor J.D. unpacks "why the Spirit inside you is better than Jesus beside you."  I found Jesus, Continued readable, refreshing, and accessible. It is for the Pentecostal, the cessationist, the Baptist, the is for any professing believer who loves the Holy Spirit and acknowledges that one cannot live a life pleasing to God without him.

Jesus, Continued is an invitation to go deep into the well that is Scripture, to drink and be filled by the Holy Spirit.

Rating: 4/5 stars
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