Dec 24, 2014

christmas eve musings + updates

It's been five days since Kimchi Taco and I arrived here in my hometown to spend the holidays. Last weekend we braved the streets of Manila (in Recto, to be exact) to pick up envelopes for our invites. Prior to that we went to three cities in a single day without a car—we picked up Kimchi Taco's Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry from the U.S. embassy in Pasay, went to Mall of Asia to meet with his stepmom, then onto Market! Market in Taguig to replace the lost diamond in my ring, and finally back in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City where we started. We're grateful to the Lord for the strength and protection, and for letting us meet our goals with no problems.

Yesterday we had our pre-marriage seminar at the city hall and filed the marriage license application. Here in the Philippines, individuals below the age of 25 have to secure parental consent (a portion of the license application that they have to sign). Being 23, my mom and dad had to appear personally at the civil registry office to sign. Everything was quick and painless.

We get to pick up the license on the first week of January but before that, I will spend the first few days of 2015 in beautiful Baguio City. While there, Kimchi Taco and I will have pre-marital counseling with one missionary couple who teach at his seminary. We expect our session to be a blast.

I finished Eugene Cho's book Overrated  last night. The book is personal and practical, a punch in the gut. I feel the need to go over the book again, make notes, think deep, and ask the hard questions. By getting that feeling, I believe the book achieved its goal. I highly recommend it.

I'll be back to update sometime in January and hope to visit other blogs soon. Till then, have a merry Christmas and a rockin' new year, fabulous creature.

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