Oct 16, 2014

Gratitude : My Job + Friends

Two gratitude posts in one week because...life. 

I've been thinking about my job for the past few days. I'm wondering what it would look like for me as I move closer to marrying Kimchi Taco and pursuing graduate school. Lord willing, I would move to another city to start life as a newlywed and full time student. I could either resign or take on a new job with OneHope but we'll just cross the bridge when we get there. In reflecting on my time serving as a research coordinator with OneHope, I realized that when the Lord wants you to do something, he’s serious about it and he doesn’t play games. Get this:

- I live 5 minutes away from the office. I walk to the office.
- Since 2014 started, work hasn’t been incredibly stressful.
- My monthly paycheck is just enough to make ends meet. I can barely save but it’s enough even as I tithe. Some days I don’t know how I manage to still go out with people and pay for meals outside of my budget. I can certainly say that I am well-provided for. 
- Visits to Thailand (which I miss) and local travels are all covered but more than that, I gained priceless experiences.
- We have weekly staff devotion (Tuesdays) and prayer & fasting (Wednesday lunch time) to ensure that we are in tune with God as a spiritual family, even as we go about our tasks.

P'Paow, myself, and P'Wor in Udon Thani, Thailand // July 2013.

Some lessons from working in the office and out on the field:
1. Interdependence is IMPORTANT.  

2. I shouldn't be afraid to be myself and to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. There should be room for vulnerability so character flaws could be corrected. It is beneficial. Embrace correction when you've found that "safe place." In my case, it's an office filled with godly people. My sociability and spirituality have changed for the better because of my office mates' loving feedback, correction, encouragement, and example.

3. It is true that if you truly revere Christ, you would submit to one another even when said character flaws are exposed. 

4. I am a steward and a servant. I do not serve myself and this is not my work per se, but work for the kingdom of God.

That people at OneHope are “HOPEFUL” is true. The word HOPEFUL summarizes the following values in the organization:

Hardworking (we're determined and focused to help affect destinies)
Outcome-based (we set goals that by ourselves, we can't achieve but he can do what we cannot)
Pure (always seeking God's will)
Efficient (quick but prudent)
Faithful (fidelity to the Great Commission)
Uninhibited (creativity and boldness in taking "God-leaps")
Led (by the Holy Spirit)

With lovely school girls in Pattaya, Thailand. We had similar haircuts, haha. // December 2012.

I admit that I'm not always all of the above 100%. I have much to learn but by God's grace, I'm already on that learning path. At OneHope, I have found family and it is inspiring to be surrounded by people I can look to for godly counsel and friendship. But more importantly, I'm privileged to witness the power of God's word when it is placed in the hands of children and youth. I've been awakened to the fact that we MUST invest in the young generation and disciple them. 

Interestingly though, I believe I’m ready to move on and discover the kind of work that God has set aside for me (cf. Ephesians 2:10). Not that OneHope isn't part of what he had in store, but rather, that kind of work where I would invest all my time and energy in, for the rest of my life. What I'm doing with OneHope is temporary and I will let it go at some point; I just don't know when exactly. I know that not all of my gifts are fully being used here but the training is invaluable. Once I leave, I know I could look back and see that the skills and experiences I gained were all part of the preparation for that "something more." 

For now, I'm still working full time with OneHope. Still giving out God's Word to Every Child. Still helping the Asia Pacific region. Still thankful for the provision and spiritual growth during this season with them. 


If you've read my post below, you'll know that I cried about community and craved intimacy with people. I mentioned that I missed my friends and I prayed about it.

Throwback! Our small group of close friends from high school. I've known these ladies for at least a decade (some of them I've known longer). These ladies are irreplaceable.

While I was home last weekend a friend of mine randomly sent me a message, asking if we could meet up. I couldn't help but think that it was the Lord who arranged that time for us. I was already downtown with my mom and we were about to go home when I got the message. Over coffee and a big fluffy blueberry muffin, my close friends, Jam and Vance, and I caught up with each other. 

Left to right: Jam, myself, Vance. I've known Jam since 2004 and Vance since 3rd grade!

We covered the bases—family, plans, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, gratitudes, randomness. It was a very refreshing time for all of us as it has been forever ago since we last saw each other. Vance is an LDS and she just returned from her missionary trip. Jam is going through some rough times but is holding on by God's grace. I'm glad we could just share our joys and burdens, and walk away feeling loved and cared for.

Our presence in other people's lives is a gift. I'm praying and believing that more opportunities like these are coming my way, with intentionality (a hot word!) and the Lord's perfect timing.

What are you grateful for this week?

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