Sep 10, 2014

Koinonia Series: On Gathering

I personally love that Jesus simplified all of the previous laws and commandments of the Old Testament into two great commandments in Matthew 22: 36-40 (NLT) during His lifetime. The first, love your God with all of yourself. And the second, to love your neighbor as yourself.
I love this because Jesus makes His desires for us simple and explicit.  Live in community with God, completely and in doing so, be transformed and love others as God has loved you and taught you to love yourself.  In two commandments Jesus established the foundation and structure of our purpose on this earth.

And then there is the conviction.  I struggle to give every part of my flesh over to God in a loving relationship, and so I hide pretending as if God cannot immediately see.  I struggle with loving myself completely and being founded in my God given identity so I struggle to love others well.  In doing so I tend to miss out on the blessings of communing with God and their manifestation in my community.

But because of grace this is not failure.  This is an opportunity to do what Lysa Terkeurst calls taking “the next right step”.  And so I schedule a dinner with the women who support me and for whom I pray.  I stop just seeing them at church and I become intentional in my love for them.  I ask them to pour into me and allow me to bless them.  I share my life with them and ask them to trust me with the parts of their life that they are willing to share.

And then the blessings come.  We realize that we are in the same place in life, attempting to invest in our future by taking some risky steps.  We experience the comfort and love of having another soldier in arms bear our burdens in those precious moments and encourage us onward.  We realize we operate better in community, in sharing, in being vulnerable and humble.
Koinonia is bigger than eating together around the table in the same time zone.  But at the very same time it is that simple.  That dinner helped me understand that the Gospel is a heavy gift and responsibility that can be lived out in the dinners and phone calls that make up our short days.

What do you do to invest in others and yourself?  


I am Renee, a pursuer of God's truth and things that make life sparkle.  I believe in Jesus and the glorious I Am.  I am studying at Liberty University (love them!) to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and in the process I am discovering much more about God and myself!

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