Sep 30, 2014

Gratitude: The Fiancé

To the brave man who hit the Add Friend and Send buttons on Facebook, you're on this week's edition of 52 Weeks of Gratitude! And pretty much most of my entries on this blog.

Why? Because you're awesome and you're my favorite human.

Favorite human!

Kimchi Taco, I will be forever grateful for your love, for the way you look at me and how your eyes say just as much as your words do, if not more. 

Thank you for your kindness that teaches me to be kind to myself and the grace that has marked your character since Day 1. Thank you for considering me worth all the gifts you've given, be it a material gift, your time, a date night in Baguio, or a sweet comment. I know all that you give and do come from your commitment to me.

You have chosen to love me and to stay regardless of my imperfections,
the physical distance between us,
and any conflict we come across.

Thank you for putting a ring on it. I look at our framed photos sitting on my desk and I can't help but marvel at the moments leading to our engagement. I realize there are limits to this analogy but like Ash to Pikachu, we have chosen each other. Second best decision ever next to following Jesus. You have been with me all the way—thank you for being loyal and trustworthy. Even my loved ones are confident that you will take good care of me. 

Your commitment is strong because you gave me to God first. It's hard not to shed a tear while I typed that. You know your priorities and you are a conduit of His grace to me. I don't have to wait till marriage for me to acknowledge that you've displayed Christlike love since our friendship began. 

Our shared struggles, triumphs, interests, and vision convince me that we are where we're supposed to be. I will continue praying and thanking God for you daily. We are both imperfect but I love you just as you are, in the same way that I know you love me as I am. 

I will be here until those yet to be written novels hit the book stores, and until we meet those lovely city-dwellers God sends our way. Together, we shall fight for our faith and labor until all that He has prepared for us comes to pass. 

I love you always.

Bulgogi Burger

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Are you married or engaged? I wanna know your story! Share it in the comments below :)

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