Sep 21, 2014

Gratitude Family

It is Sunday, September 21st. I wake up late but there’s no time to snooze. Service is an hour and fifteen minutes away. The rain has stopped and the sun is not just peeking through the clouds; it is actually shining brightly. It kisses the earth and says, “Good morning, you. The storm has passed and this day is new.” It seems typhoon Mario has left the country.

I thought about my family during the typhoon. Today I'm still thinking about them on this sunny Sunday morning.


I’m grateful for my mom. She has faithfully taken care of us all but she does not forget to take care of herself. Behind that strong personality (and perfect nose bridge) is a loving woman with a weird sense of humor (which I probably inherited). I hope that in my own little way, I can take care of you too.

My mom married the quietest of men, my dad. He is consistently a man of few words. I’m grateful for all his hard work to provide for us, for the musical genes, and for teaching me (just by being himself) to keep my words few. Reining in the tongue reaps plenty of benefits, as Scripture affirms. There are many things I still need to tell you—for instance, to let you know more often that I love you. Even though I’m getting married next year, you’ll always be the first man I’ve ever loved.

Next to my dad is my tough but street-smart brother. I fondly remember all those days he patiently babysat and cooked for me. We wrestled when we were little and we didn’t always get along, but I know he cares about me. He’s gone through a lot but I believe that he’s moving forward. I know that God can make something beautiful out of all his experiences. I love you too, brother.

Then there are those who are family to me not by blood, but by those C.S. Lewis moments when we stared each other in the face and said, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one!” To family borne out of friendship, I’m grateful for you all. I can’t list all of your names here but my heart is challenged to reach out to each one of you. I may not do it perfectly but I’ll make it a goal in the weeks ahead. 

Come to think of it, my family’s quite big. There are those whom Christ brought to himself, my brothers and sisters by a different kind of blood—the blood of Jesus running through our veins. They are my ultimate family.  It makes my heart giddy when a brother or sister just KNOWS that we’re spiritual siblings even before I tell them. And it’s crazy how I got in touch with some of them through the blogosphere. I love the family of God, the Body of Christ.

This week I'm grateful for family and I can't wait to start my own.

What's your favorite thing about family?

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