Jul 31, 2014

Poetry, A Proposal, and Prytania

This is my fiancé Carlo (the glasses-wearing singer) with his friends in California (yes, R2-D2 included). He went home for the summer to take care of his field education and they recorded this video, which was meant to accompany his proposal one day after my 23rd birthday. It's a cover of MUTEMATH's "Prytania," which he cleverly changed to my name (Patricia). This guy, his siblings, and his friends...I can't wait to meet them all one day!

We were sitting on the couch over a month ago on the eve of June 13, casually talking and enjoying each other's company. Not long into our conversation, he said he wrote a poem for me and promptly read it. He's a talented writer and he's a words guy when it comes to love languages; naturally, I felt lavished with love as he read aloud. Here's the poem he wrote entitled The Future Still Remains

the future still remains
by Carlo Victa

He is shuttling through space and time.
Manila to South Bay, from the 80’s to 8th grade.
Oblivious to love that both exists and still awaits.
He avoids the girls who chase him and ignores the One who made him.
And for all intents and purposes, the future still remains.

San Diego, Y2K, and now their smiles drive him insane.
He shuttles past his high school and the girls who have one name.
The ones he chases trail away.
The girls who chase him, he makes wait.
Their name is called the Past, and so the future still remains.

The boy moves on from college, and he’s on a plane again.
Returning to his homeland and the God who knows all things.
He chases no one but his King; the Past is past, it’s dead to him.
The boy’s name is called the Present—every day’s an offering.
He surrenders all his dreams, but the future still remains.

There are moments in life of inescapable transcendence
Where eternity bisects time and causes all its parts to shiver.
And now the Present meets a girl, and this girl’s name is called the Future.
Ever since they met, the boy has lived beyond himself.
He’s seen a love that transcends time, and beauty impervious to death.

He has been shuttling to the future but today time will stand still.
For while the Future still remains, the Present will remain with it.
There is no other recourse now until we reach eternity.
Because the boy has made his choice,
And now he gets down on one knee.


And down on one knee he went. And out come a ring (that we had to re-size the following day because I thought I gave him the right size, oops).

The gift of his words, his presence...time did stand still and my heart just melted.

We've decided a long time ago that we're going to marry each other, so the mutuality left little room for a surprising proposal. Boy, was I wrong. I still felt overwhelmed while we were in the moment. I shed tears (of joy) and we spent the rest of the night just so thankful to God for how far He has carried us individually and as a couple. At the end of day, our engagement and ensuing marriage—indeed, our very lives—are all for Him. It is our desire to grow in the knowledge of God as the lover of our souls, and to reflect His love to a world distorted by sin.

What can we give to the God who authored this relationship? The God who saves us and loves us with an everlasting love? Sacrifices of praise, thanksgiving, and a heart undivided. I look forward to how He will unfold His plans for us according to His perfect timing, and documenting it all in this blog.

Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. (JAMES 1:17, ESV)


  1. Oh my goodness, love! This is so precious! I'm happy for both of you and wish you a long happy life together!

    1. Thank you, Alyssa! I hope you join us in our journey through this blog :) Blessings to you, lovely!