Jul 21, 2014

Hooray for Today

I like McDonald's commercials here in the Philippines. One of my favorites so far is this 60-seconder:


Stay a little longer in bed
Keep the covers over my head...
But a new day is calling
Morning is coming...

Thank you
For the break of day,
My favorite song,
For lighting my way,
The world I belong...

But most of all
Thank you for the gift of today.
I've got a brand new day.
And to that I say, hooray for today.

Clara Benin's voice is so soothing and on some mornings, I find her playing in my head.

Each day is a gift indeed.

Today in particular, I'm grateful for my OneHope family. Every Tuesday morning before lunch, we have our staff "chapel" or devotion. All of us take turns in sharing the Word and leading the songs. Every Wednesday is our prayer and fasting day; we don't eat lunch and we devote that time for prayer. We break the fast at 4pm. 

I'm grateful for the fact that my office is concerned with every staff member's spiritual growth and that we can pause from work and sit at the feet of Jesus as a family. I won't have anything like this if I worked elsewhere.

I'm also grateful for this guy right here:

Hello, my Kimchi Taco!

Despite his busyness at seminary, he makes sure to spend time with me through phone calls and messages: weirding out, praying with me, and encouraging me. I have grown so much since he came into my life. 

In three days, I get to kiss that boy again :)


Today I am alive, well-provided for, and loved. What's more is that I also have the freedom to spread that love to everyone I encounter. 'Tis truly the most excellent way.

Hooray for today. Hooray for Jesus.

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  1. What a sweet commercial/song!! The singer does have the perfect voice for any morning tunes :) This is such a happy post! I'm so glad you linked up yesterday, Patricia!! Can't wait to continue to get to know you through your blog!

    1. Yeah! Thanks for putting together the linkup. I might make GHM a weekly thing! I don't always post on Monday so I'm glad it runs throughout the week :)

  2. Oh Pat, I love how you're spreading love everywhere, from your Kimchi Taco to your online space! Heehee.:>

    1. Patti! <3 Thanks for dropping by. Your sticking around really means a lot to me :) I hope I can send you some love too even if we're still yet to meet, haha!

  3. What a weekend :D Great times with my darling <3