Jul 24, 2014

Friday Blender

This week's Friday Blender is the worship playlist edition :D Below you'll find a list of my current favorites. I hope it inspires you to praise our Maker with loud songs from the heart.

Heart Runs | John Mark McMillan
Beautiful lyric video that encourages me to explore the outdoors and break into prosaic praise a la Annie Dillard

In Tenderness | Citizens
I'm a huge fan of hymn renditions. The energy in this song and video is contagious.

Rock of Ages | Dustin Kensrue
Another hymn, this time from Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue. Kimchi Taco and I had a listening party (for two) when DK's album The Water and The Blood came out. The listening party was very edifying.

Relentless | Hillsong UNITED
Zion is my favorite United album so far. I listen to it in the office, when I travel, and sometimes before I dive into the Word. SO GOOD.

Ascend | Bethel Music
Psalm 24, yo.

Broke | Kye Kye
Lyrics below. They are BEAUTIFUL. You could almost find a Scripture reference in every line.

I broke in the silence
to repeat what I’ve done in the past won’t change me
I broke when you told me
I could try all the time
but my ways won’t change me
We tried this, but we failed
we know this but we’re too blind to see
that there is freedom within me
your life brought light for all to see
When I was lost so I, so I thought
that I was searching all alone
like I was lost so I didn’t know
what I was keeping all along
I knew from the moment my mistakes all stood out
your light’s my only safety
oh all the times that I didn’t look your way
look what I was missing lord you fill in every space
that I replaced instead of you
Revived us, we will sing
restored us, you are the source to breath
ignite us to a need to bury everything I never want to be

That's it for today's Friday Blender! I hope you enjoy this playlist and the weekend ahead. Now go be awesome.



  1. Plugging in my head phones now to check these out!

    1. Woohooo. I hope you enjoyed the playlist :)

  2. SO glad I found your blog! I was literally searching Spotify for some new music ideas :) This is perfect!

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoyed their albums on Spotify :) Glad I could help!

  3. Love this idea! I have a playlist that features all but one of these songs! Ha good taste!

    1. Why thank you! Which song wasn't on your list? :)

  4. Yay Kye Kye!! And I need to get the Zion album from you... We seriously need to have another music exchange... ;)