Jul 19, 2014

Friday Blender

Friday Blender is a weekly roundup of links that caught my attention, challenged my thinking, inspired my heart, and delighted my senses. Here's this week's edition:

  • YouTube: Alister McGrath on C.S. LewisThis is a 6-part series of short presentations on the thought of C.S. Lewis. These were released last year to commemorate Lewis' 50th death anniversary but I just found out about them today!
  • After Trade. From the website: "After Trade is a new form of sourcing that moves beyond the trade of coffee and toward reconciliation between farmers, roasters, coffee, and the land, through practices of solidarity and sustainability." The creator of the concept of After Trade (Steven and Stephanie Berbec) are moving out to Moshi, Tanzania to work with EITanzania in creating sustainable development projects with the locals, alongside their work with After Trade in building relationships with coffee farmers and their families.

BONUS: Links from last week!

A list of Fair Trade-supporting blogs:

Any links that struck your fancy this week? Feel free to share in the comments below. Have a great rest of the week!


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