Jul 14, 2014

Current Reads

I have about five minutes to go before I leave the office and buy me some chapchae (Korean noodles). But before that, allow me to share what books tickle my fancy this past couple of weeks.
Beauty Will Save the World | Brian Zahnd. Finally gotten around to reading it. BZ paints a picture of evangelical America that I’m not fully exposed to but am aware of.
Uncommon Grounds | Mark Pendergrast. Something different! I consume coffee on a daily basis now (tea, almost daily) and I want to know the story behind its origin and influence. The table of contents overwhelmed me with its abundance of subheadings but I’m excited to dive into it.
On Writing Well | William Zinsser. A birthday gift from the fiancĂ©. I just started this last night. Witty and straightforward, the first few chapters on writing principles have already inspired me to improve myself.
Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (workbook included) | Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott. A (pre)pre-marital resource recommended by Carlo’s pastor. So far, we both find it practical and enlightening.
What’s on your reading list? :)

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