Jan 8, 2016

Jun 5, 2015

with love, the victas. (some blog news)

Hello friends! I have some news to share:

my blog will be closing soon. 

I have not been updating intentionally because of this other news:

My  husband Carlo and I are working on a new website :)

I've been planning on upgrading my personal blog since I believe I have a better sense of what I want to write about. But after some considerations, The Hubs and I decided it would be best to invest on a corporate blog. This would be a way for us to better keep in touch with our supporters, share our lives as husband and wife, and express ourselves through writing. The general goal is for the site to be a source of encouragement and delight for our supporters and whoever would stumble upon it. It's still a work in progress but we are both thrilled to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, some life news:
+ My seminary adventure starts on June 23rd! I will be studying my Master's in Intercultural Studies and my target is to finish it in 5 trimesters. 
+ After graduating, The Hubs and I hope to be in California and we'll see where the Lord will take us from there.
+ I've been enjoying mountain life here in Baguio. I may never experience this much free time in such a lovely environment, or if I do, it may take a long time before it happens again. So I'm just so grateful and taking a cue from Kinfolk, I'm living it slowly--one day at a time.

Let's be Instagram friends! I've been more active there lately because it's easy to update. I would also love to hear from you guys via email: apvicta@gmail.com (I rarely open my gentilenextdoorblog email now). I'm not very active on Facebook and I found it to be good for my health and time management.

I have missed reading your entries, blog friends, but I'll get back into my blogging rhythm once our site is set up :) I'm really excited about this!

It's been a joy getting to know some cool people through this blog. I will not close it but will no longer update. Looking forward to connecting with you guys soon, one way or another ;)

With love,

The Victas

Apr 25, 2015

Mischief managed since 2000

I didn't get her at first.

I didn't know her at all and my memory of her when we were still cute little tots, with haircuts that we despised (at least one of us did), has escaped me. Perhaps she remembers more than I do. I was always at the back of the line because I was tall, and she was in the front because she was, well, petite. I only knew her from a distance—around 15 kids far.

But beyond the tiny chairs of kindergarten class, I recall things more vividly. I've come to share with her the intensity of academic competition, and the battle to win Harry Potter's heart via the Internet. As elementary school kids, we've traveled further than anyone we know; the world was ours with books and time stood still during lunch. But time would soon resume so we could brush our teeth before the afternoon classes. We both saw the same baby blue sky (what did an adult blue sky look like?) and shared at least one meal together five days a week, not counting recess.

And while we mightily tried to get Harry to marry one of us, we knew that no boy (magical or otherwise) could top what we already had. Fine, Draco Malfoy was still up for grabs so I called dibs on him. At 10 years old, we were beginning to grow a deep understanding of that mysterious word: friendship.

Even the emotionally unstable and hormonal days of high school proved necessary for us to refine our relationship, to mature our fragile hearts and overthinking brains. At 23, we still have fragile hearts and overthinking brains but every day we grow wiser and stronger. By grace.

We carry similar passions for the written word and creativity looked different for both of us. I prefer to pick up drum sticks and guitar picks. She wielded the pen not only to craft words but also write words to create a picture. Kindred spirits we were and even as the tides of life keep turning, kindred spirits we remain.

Today we walk with the same God, the same Lord and Savior who redeemed us by his grace and ordained our friendship. I'll be forever grateful that a friend like her stayed long enough to be my Maid of Honor. And remain friends, we will. Thank you, Chai. I love you very much.

Today we are in this pilgrimage together to love God and love his people—a journey that started 17 years ago, 15 kids far.

Apr 8, 2015

oh hai :)

It's been 13 days since I got married. The Hubs and I are settling in our new(ish) apartment, the same one he stayed in while he was still a seminary student.

The weeks leading up to the wedding have been hectic: Carlo's grad, traveling, final preparations for the big day, and the wedding itself. But HALLELUJAH JESUS everything went smoothly. I've been  away from the computer for a while now but allow me to share some snapshots from the past 2-3 weeks.

At Eastwood with my friend Jessie. She flew all the way from Illinois and traveled with me before the wedding! What a friend :) Photo by Jessie Drachenberg

Rehearsal dinner. Photo by Karla Victa

Carlo's seminary graduation! Photo by Anattiphong Phanon

Sponsors praying for us. Photo by Cina Silva

Prep :) Photo by Karla Victa

Siblingz! Photo by Karla Victa

With one of my best friends, Vance, who got married 3 days after I did! Photo by Jay Lim 

Hey that's me! :D Photo by Angie Tud
The kiss! Photo by Tony Velasquez

With one of our principal sponsors, Kuya Rodel! Will miss working with him. by Ptr. Rodel Lacson
Photo by Cina Silva

Photo by Cina Silva

With my crazy friends. Photo by Cina Silva
Carlo & Patricia VICTA :) Photo by Dr. Galen Hertweck
We're just so grateful to the Lord for providing all our needs (and then some) for the wedding. Our hearts are full.

This blog may not be seeing a lot of action over the next few weeks as we get settled in our apartment, prepare for my studies, a "late" honeymoon and other things. But Carlo and I have something brewing so we'd love it if you stay tuned :)

On to the next adventure!!!

Mar 16, 2015

short & sweet: a bridal shower

I've known these girls for years: my maid of honor since we were in kindergarten, the other bride-to-be, Vance, I've known since 3rd grade, Lois and Ace also since grade school, and the rest of them I became friends with during high school. A small misunderstanding almost made me miss the bridal shower our circle of friends set up. But after a phone call, a quick change, and a polite plea for my mom to drive me, I made it just in time (I was an hour late—I honestly thought we were doing it the following day).

Last Saturday, I caught up my favorite girls in the world over a high-carb dinner (aww yeah), wine, and blueberry cheesecake. College made it difficult for us to get together but I'm really, really grateful that we'll be complete at the wedding.

Yep, I think I'll keep them. <3 Photos stolen from my girlfriends' Facebook pages, haha.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey